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We use a combination of the available natural light and our own artificial light sources to set the scene for the shoot itself. This foundation gives us fine control over the raw images. That’s critical because the final images we deliver are composites of many different shots. By lighting elements in the scene individually, we can assemble a superior selection of images to work from. The post-production work we do leverages techniques which are on the cutting edge. The look we produce has only been possible over the last few years. That’s something which really makes the images we produce stand out.
It would be amazing if we could just toss out numbers like on a menu, but there are just too many variables to give even a ballpark figure without knowing specifics about a job. The good news is that we can give you options during our discussions about your project. There are three major pricing categories associated with a shoot: the actual shoot, the post-production work, and the licensing fees associated with your usage.
As image copyright is retained by the photographer, what you are paying for is a license to utilize images from the shoot in a specific manner. For example, you might be buying a license to create an online business listing, or you could be assembling a brochure—the reach of a given usage scenario is taken into consideration when setting a fee for the licensing. There’s a big difference between images which will see a thousand copies over their lifetime and a shoot which will be duplicated a hundred thousand times or more! It’s worth noting that if you want to use the images for something different, we can discuss new licensing options. Or, for example, if you’d like a specialist business partner to be able to make use of the images, they can license the images from us as well.
We do! Our work incorporates a lot more post-production than many photographers precisely because we have the skills to put together images which are truly jaw-dropping. Taking the raw images is where the process begins, but it all comes together—literally—as we composite images and touch them up. Removing blemishes, color correction, exposure merging, making adjustments to perspective, and manipulating the lighting are all pieces of the puzzle.

Hiring a Specialist:

What matters to people looking at a photograph isn’t something as simple as just being able to clearly discern the subject matter. If the old saw of “a thousand words” is what you’re getting out of each image, shouldn’t those words convey a deeper connection with the space than merely: a large house with a spacious drive and nice landscaping? Shouldn’t your restaurant be more than: a brown door with a street number on it and a hanging sign with part of a business name visible? Getting the right specialist for your shoot is the first step towards highlighting your subject matter appropriately. Shooting a Colonial entry, a Tudor roof, or Art Deco barstools isn’t about just making sure the element is in frame before clicking the shutter. Composition matters. Light and shadow matter. There are very few photographers operating in the NW Florida area with the specialist knowledge required to deliver the kind of top-quality artistic photography required to bring out the finest details of interior design or architectural features. We've developed refined techniques using years of experience and a relentless pursuit of cutting edge gear, processes, and technology.


Every image we create begins before we're even on site and isn’t finished until long after we’ve returned to the studio for post-production. The length of our process is probably the thing which surprises many of our clients the most, but for us it’s tied into our life as a professional visual artists. While working out the details of the job we begin working on a plan for the shoot. We work with you to identify the critical features of the subject at hand and come prepared to ensure that the raw images we capture are in line with your needs. At the shoot itself we involve you as we scout the scene—this ensures that you know what you’re getting. We like to discuss specific images we plan to set up and capture, as well as find and identify the details you most want to see captured. We spend time making sure that we have the right natural and artificial lighting set up. This is critical as the balance of light and shadow framing your interior and architectural elements such as texture, color and detail is something which is incredibly difficult to properly emulate in post. In-studio work after the shoot includes retouching and the compositing methods we’ve developed working as specialists. You don’t get an image that just happens to be the best one we shot of a scene. Instead, you get one which has been created from perhaps four, seven, or even something amazing like twenty different images. Each individual image’s best pieces placed into a single, glorious composite which captures what your interior or exterior is like to behold in person.

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